Plastic bags…Terrible invention…

Check out this link! Great list of companies/foundations going above and beyond for our environment!


Great Pacific Plastic Mass.. Swirling out of control..

Whats to come?

Relatively speaking we have been consuming disposable plastic bottles for a short time.. the waste caused is beyond a challenge to control…the worst part.. its not slowing down.


Unlike most other trash, plastic isn’t biodegradable — i.e., the microbes that break down other substances don’t recognize plastic as food, leaving it to float there forever. Sunlight does eventually “photodegrade" the bonds in plastic polymers, reducing it to smaller and smaller pieces, but that just makes matters worse. The plastic still never goes away; it just becomes microscopic and may be eaten by tiny marine organisms, entering the food chain.

Think this doesn’t affect you?  Fish digest plastic, we digest fish, so now the ocean no longer produces organic fish… plastic is killing the ocean.

Small changes in consumer habits go a long way…do your part!

Some convincing statistics on why we should all carry a reusable water bottle!

  • Over 2 million plastic bottles are used every five minutes in the United States alone.
  • little as 10% are recycled, the rest end up in landfills and our OCEANS.

  • 100 million marine mammals and turtles are killed annually due to plastic.

  • 70-100% of seabirds are affected by digesting plastics.

  • Plastics concentrate pollutants up to 1 million times ambient levels in seawater, turning plastic into poison pills.

  • 63.4 billion plastic bottles end up in landfills and our oceans annually

  • In 2010 Americans consumed 232 16 oz. bottles per person per year.

  • 174,000,000 bottles daily.

  • 120,000 every minute.

  • If we used reusable plastic bottles this wouldn’t happen; easy to do, saves you money, will help save the ocean.

Check out this video about plastic in our oceans…frightening..

Say what?

In the world today, consumer’s use of plastics is at alarming rates.  Paired with this is unmanageable output of plastic waste. Current systems cannot efficiently separate and dispose of waste. Cost/profit analysis supersedes the prevention of extreme pollution and environmental damages; effecting current societies and those to come. For starters, the ocean; we originated from the ocean, the ocean is a basis for life.  The ocean gives us food; the ocean gives us a place to enjoy with our friends and family.  To surfers it’s a release, an escape, a life activity.  People travel far and wide to see the ocean, the ocean intrigues and inspires,the ocean is pure. 

The ocean is undiscovered, un mapped, un tapped.  The ocean is our heritage, our future.  Why destroy it?

This question inspires Planet Logo Inc. every day to partner with organizations, campaigns and enthusiasts to contribute to the education and awareness necessary to protect our mother ocean and other forms of precious environment.

Through eco friendly branded merchandise, Planet Logo Inc. helps bring your cause into the face and everyday lives of the support we so dearly need.

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